This episode starts off in the night car with Miss Audrey. Dancing, alone in a simple red ballet dress over her narrating about everyone makes a trade. But they build up over time to the point of giving up part of yourself. She herself gave up 12 years of her life to Wilford to get on the train. Only that 7 years later He has found her again, on Snowpiercer 1034 cars long.

Trade agreements and smuggling

As I previously mentioned Layton wants Pike to handle a pipeline of goods back and forth, with supervision. We start with the trade-off of engines from Big Alice for fresh produce. Which also happens to have a bit of “greenery.” This makes Pike the big supplier on the train and could possibly subvert the janitorial crew. Luckily our newest resident mop jockey psycho, LJ starts her own plans in motion.

But this episode isn’t just about trading food but we learn more about Wilford before the train. How he is just as devious then as he is now. Miss Audrey, before the freeze, was a High-End Escort in Chicago. But she was HIS exclusivly, once again showing that Wilford craves control over anything!

Wilford – An invite to the Big Show

We have been 3 days since Melanie departed for the Science Station they are going to celebrate the uplink with a party in the Night Car. Of Course, Wilford is invited and magnanimously invites 3 crew members and Alex over to the event. Before crossing the border Wilford stops them, changes his tone, and vehemently reminds them it’s HIS NIGHT!

Prior to this Layton has a very intense sit down with Audrey about playing for team Snowpiercer. Hoping to get info on Wilford and his side of the train. She says she will do it but not for the train but for her satisfaction.

In one of his “gracious” offerings from on high Wilford, offers up the use of his 2 scientists to help those with frostbit at the hands of Icy Bob.

Lastly, another invite was given this time by Zarah invited herself into working in Hospitality. This serves a two-fold purpose as she can be an extra set of eyes on Ruth and she can get Ruth an in with Layton.

Photograph by David Bukach
Photograph by David Bukach

So many eyes and agendas

As the majority of the passengers try to get by on the train, with the exceptiong of Big Alice. everyone has agendas.

Audrey took Wilford to the therapy room in the night car. It was an intense scene involving dominance and power over a person to the point of harming oneself self. After that Wilford gets lost in the moment and gives up his power to Audrey making him grovel like a dog just for some fruit. A twist I did not see coming. This was her agenda all along! Her form of controlling the narrative unlike how it was before the freeze.

LJ takes Alex on a tour to an observation deck. they both try to be civil while smoking. But we can see these are the breadcrumbs LJ is sprinkling to get her claws into Big Alice.

Josie being so frostbitten can only be cared for properly over in the scientist’s Headwood. She chooses to go past the border and keep an eye on things over there. Hopefully with Pike’s new pipeline and the new “Aussie alliance” as I’m calling it, of Murray and Emilia. She can report back to Snowpiercer.

Wilford; Snowpiercer
Photograph by David Bukach

Wilford, Back at the Party

Prior to going to the therapy room, Audrey sang her heart out to a captivated Wilford, in awe of his paramour. Javi and Bennett launch the balloon to connect to Melanie. Wilford tries to break confidence by asking to place bets if it will work. Bess who has massive survivor’s guilt tries to let off some steam with a random hook up. Eventually, the magic moment happens to connect with the Science Station. all be it a few seconds too late. But hope reigns and once again Wilford loses his grasp on “his train” yet again.

After the party, Audrey is seen again dancing. this time her poise feels different. She now is the one in charge you can tell by her movement on the dance floor as opposed to her meek and soft moves at the beginning of the episode. she is a woman of strength and this was a stunning portrayal!

Thoughts and Theories

This was a greatly subtle episode to build on. It seems the narrative of each episode put one episode in your face and the next a thought provoker. You can see the long game of certain individuals taking root. On the flip, you can start to see cracks in other characters, like Bess. It’s great storytelling and I can’t wait for the next episode on TNT.

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