Finally!! While it might not be the movie we have always wanted, Star Wars and Marvel Comics is giving it’s due to the Bounty Hunters. That’s right, the Star Wars: Bounty Hunters comic came out today and it did not disappoint. While I am sure we will get many bounty hunter guest appearances throughout this series that takes place right after The Empire Strikes Back, it focuses on three main bounty hunters Boba Fett, Bossk, and Beilert Valance.

Bounty Hunters Variant Cover

Bounty Hunters #1

It does not matter if you are a new or old fan of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1 is a great way to start off this story arc. The first half of this comic does a great job of introducing Fett, Bossk, and Valance’s past work and their history with each other. It also introduces us to Nakano Lash, whose actions cause some bad blood between them as well.

Bounty Hunters

The rest of the book brings us back up to the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Fett has already secured Solo and is on route to delivering his bounty to Jabba the Hutt, and it seems that the bounty hunters all went their separate ways. Well, that was until they learned of another big and personal bounty that will likely cause all three of these bounty hunters to cross paths again.

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The Creative team

The art work in this comic really “draws” you in. From the moment you opened that cover you notice the amazing detail of the characters and the action scenes. Paolo Villanelli (Artist) and Arif Prianto’s (Colorist) artistic work in the comic makes you want more with each page that you turn.

Boba Fett

Most importantly, Ethan Sacks knocks the story-line out of the park. From surprise characters, droids, and bounty hunters there is something in there that will connect fans from different story-lines. This story arc so far has packed a lot of action in this first issue. And with new and old characters who stories still have to be told, Sacks has definitely has got our attention.

My Thoughts

Overall I liked this comic. It not only provides readers with familiar content from across story-lines it also gives us all a little something new as well. While I loved the story I do feel like there was a lot packed in this first issue to take in. Again I loved the art, the only thing I would say is some of the backgrounds were without detail or were very plain. I do feel that this comic is geared more to fans that have a vast knowledge of the Star Wars universe. But it does enough to keep newer fans into the story as well. Out of 10 Hashtags I give Star Wars: Bounty Hunters number 1, 8 Hashtags.

Bounty Hunters

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