In an article from Entertainment Weekly writer/director Patty Jenkins, and the principal cast of Wonder Woman 1984, discussed film’s 80s aesthetic and setting. The article also gave us a full look at the Golden Eagle armor.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Plot Details

The sequel will see Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman in 1984, working in the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C.. Kristen Wiig plays Barbara Minerva, one of her co-workers at the museums who later becomes Cheetah. Though the details of how are being kept mysterious. Also being kept under wraps is the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, who died in the first film but is somehow back from the dead in the sequel.

Maxwell Lord

Tied into Barbara’s transformation and the return of Steve Trevor is Wonder Woman 1984’s primary villain, Maxwell Lord, a millionaire oil trader played by Pedro Pascal. According to Patty Jenkins and Pascal, Lord is representative of the darker side of 80s. The flashy greed driven consumer culture, that promise don’t you could have anything you wanted for the right price. As Lord says in the trailer “Life is good, but it can be better. And why shouldn’t it be? All you have to do is to WANT it!”

Wonder Woman

The Golden Eagle Armor

In addition to teasing the plot and characters the article further teased the overall look of Wonder Woman 1984, expanding on the trailer. The flashy neon driven aesthetic of the 80s, fueled by the more vibrant color palettes we have grown accustomed to seeing in superhero blockbusters, especially post Guardians of the Galaxy and DC’s own Aquaman. Crowning this is the reveal of Wonder Woman’s golden eagle armor, which looks to feature prominently in the film.

Wonder Woman

Expectations for Wonder Woman 1984

The first Wonder Woman was the film that truly began DC’s modern winning streak. Paving the way for massive hits like Aquaman and smaller successes (especially with critics) like Shazam! and Birds of Prey. Following that up would prove a daunting challenge to most filmmakers but Jenkins has things well in hand. Even talking about other eras the character could go for sequels in future installments.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to hit theaters on the 5th of June.