Comic Writer Tom King recently tweeted out a picture for his upcoming series. Catwoman stands on a gargoyle in the arms of her lover Batman. What could be more romantic for these tortured souls. Wait…Is she concealing her latest theft of beach balls or is Catwoman – PREGNANT! Are Batman and Catwoman having a baby? Check this image out:

Batman Catwoman and baby
Rooftop lovers +1

History of Bats and Cats

Batman and Catwoman have had a relationship for most of the run of the comics, especially over King’s 85 issue run. Last year the two nearly married, but of course it fell apart at the last minute. Batman continued in Gotham and Selina ran off to Villa Hermosa. Events have slowly pulled the two back to Gotham, but so far we do not know any more.

When Tom King left the Batman title, he teased a special Batman/Catwoman series he would create with Clay Mann. Little has been released on this series until now. Thanks to this new picture, it appears there will be a new Wayne added to the family. Who knew Damien would be a big brother?

Batman/Catwoman And A Baby

Catwoman and Batman
True Love?

Rumors suggest this series will focus on the 50 years Batman and Catwoman have chased each other across rooftops and jail cells. Apparently it will end or at least involve the addition of Batbaby to the family. They look pretty good for 50 year old parents. I wonder if they go to the same place as Jennifer Lopez?

The outside shot could be the baby belongs to another man, but for those who read the Catwoman title, Selina keeps thinking back to her Dark Love in Gotham. Will Batman and Catwoman finally get their happy ever after? Will they retire into the sunset with their newborn?

Batman/Catwoman And Baby – This IS Comics

This series concludes Tom King’s 85 issue run, so we can hope that this will recap the long years of the love birds, but we cant forget this is the comic world. Will they get their happy ending? Or will evil forces intervene to start the next tragic story arc?

In the comic world the baby could die. An evil force could kill the child sending the couple into grief and turmoil. A cosmic event could undo the time line or alter the multiverse to change events. Could a great evil come back requiring the parents to suit up once more, only to have something go tragically wrong there. A happy endings never holds in the comic world.

We still do not have a release date for this series, so keep your ears open for further news.