Gallifrey One is the largest and longest-running Doctor Who convention in North America. Whovians (Doctor Who enthusiasts) have been gathering at this convention for three decades. Many of those Whovians bring with them some of the most impressive cosplay in the Doctor Who Fandom.

When you attend a comic book convention you may see Doctor Who cosplay scattered among the many fandom represented. What is fascinating about the cosplay at Gallifrey One is the amount of Doctor Who cosplay you will find but also the uniqueness of those cosplay.

More On Gallifrey One’s Amazing Cosplay

Donna Nobel Cosplay by @theharrypotterfan and 10th Doctor Cosplay by @russellholly

You may have an incredible Doctor Who cosplay that is obscure and possibly unrecognizable at a regular pop culture convention. But at Gallifrey One, people know exactly what and who you are cosplaying.

IG handles L-R: @makeitsocosplay, 13th cosplayer unknown, and @moshpitavenger

Unique takes on cosplays are absolutely appreciated at this convention. You don’t have to worry about being screen accurate. You can be as unique and inventive as possible and it will not go unappreciated.

Cosplayers created punk rock versions of Doctor Who characters. This was one of the many themed meetups hosted throughout the weekend. Most cosplay meetups are fan organized.
These outfits are almost completely handmade.
IG handles L-R: @mazzface, @rickamplified, both on end @katsinthebelfry

Doctor Who cosplay crossovers with other fandoms are often found here as well. Harry Potter and Doctor Who come together during this crossover meetup. A Slytherin River Song, a 13th Doctor/ Narcissa Malfoy mash-up, two Oods, and a Silence gather for a house photo.

IG handles L-R: @tanitia_sd, @eurekarox01, (Oods unknown) and @aunttessycosplay

As Tony Lee (writer, creator, Gallifrey One MC) said this year to the contestants of the Gallifrey One Masquerade, ” This is the OSCARS of Doctor Who cosplay”.

Gallifrey One Conventions has already announced their next event: GALLIFREY ONE: THIRTY-SECOND TO MIDNIGHT, 12-14 February 2021 at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel. Tickets go on sale in two weeks: Saturday, February 29 at 12:00 pm (noon) Pacific Time. Complete details on our website at very soon!

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