WWE Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff
Could these two men be leading the WWE Draft?

WWE will be running another draft coming up in the following months. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that in five weeks to coincide with Smackdown Live moving to FOX, the WWE will be holding a superstar draft. This won’t be the traditional Superstar Shakeup that we’ve had over the past couple years. The entire roster will be up for grabs. Smackdown Live premiers on FOX October 4th. That show will be a 20th anniversary spectacular with legends returning to make appearances. The following week will be the Smackdown and Raw drafts.

What This Means

This is going to majorly shake up the landscape of the WWE. Knowing that FOX will want starpower on their show, names like Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, and Roman Reigns will be at play for the blue brand. FOX isn’t going to want to mess around and have ratings that tank. I’d expect Reigns to be apart of it because whether you like him or not, he’s the biggest star on the current, full-time roster. As for the women’s division, Becky Lynch most likely is staying on Raw and Charlotte on Smackdown. WWE will want to keep them apart for as long as they can. It would be in their best interest to lure Rousey away from her break.

It also means that WWE can do away with the atrocious “wild-card rule” that’s been on their programming. It’s a much welcome change that will allow both shows to have an identity of their own without having to prop up the numbers with both major champions showing up on Raw and Smackdown.

The draft is always an exciting time for WWE. It’s like the beginning of a sports season. Everyone has potential and everything is new. I’m excited for this draft and the move to Smackdown. Wrestling needs a shakeup big time and AEW is going to be gunning for them. It’ll definitely be an exciting Fall for wrestling fans.

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