Find out what games are coming to the Xbox One! According to Xbox, this week is only three days long, and yet within these measly 32 hours Xbox is dropping 13 games, which means while we were relaxing by pools and beaches, BBQing our ribs out – many code-monkeys were working overtime trying to get patches and updates done by their release dates. So, in honor of those crunches, let’s take a look at what’s coming for you waste your time and finger health on.

September 3

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered- Xbox One X Enhanced

I almost failed Econ in college because of this game… correction; I almost failed Econ in college because of my LOVE for this game. This is the RPG that made me love RPGs. This is the first time this remastered version is hitting Xbox, so strap in with Squall (who I always renamed to FartHair) as he and his companions of SeeD sacrifice some HP to take down Galbadia’s rule.

Torchlight II- Xbox One X Enhanced

Overhead gameplay, randomly generated dungeons, treasure, experience, hub towns, and everything else you need in a dungeon crawler. A direct sequel to the original, this time you are tasked with taking down the hero (you) from the first game.  Who will win; Old you or new you?

September 4

Gaijin Charenji 1: Kiss of Kill- Xbox One X Enhanced

I literally have no idea what’s happening in this Punk/K-Pop mash-up trailer, but I like it. Kiss or Kill is a great choice to have in a shoot em up and the story behind this game makes it a must by alone. 21 years after Yoshihiro Takahashi began designing this game for the Dreamcast in 1998, his son, Yosuke Takahashi completed it. Wipe the tears from your eyes and play this game.

Post War Dreams – Xbox Play Anywhere

It’s more then a 2D side scroller, but less than a 3D side scroller… it’s 2.5D!!!!!!! Shooting, scrolling, post-apocalypse wasteland, and more shooting… what more do you want?!!  A story?!! What are you, nuts?! Oh, wait… yeah, this has that too!


No death, no violence- just wall jumping and soothing music to drive you to new parkour heights. Mood lighting is your guide in this randomly generated challenging platformer.

Monochrome Order

Looks a lot like early Final Fantasy games… but in a good way.  This game seems to add a decision system called “Judgments” that effect gameplay. Multiple endings, etc… Looks good.

September 5

Throne Quest Deluxe

A bouncy 8/16bit ARPG dungeon crawler in the style of Gauntlet. Looks fun as hell!!!!

River City Girls

Ratchet up the anime factor in River City Ransom and that is all you need to know about this game. Co-op, em-up, Side scroller-up, play it up.

September 5

Gears 5 Ultimate Edition- Xbox One X Enhanced, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Play Anywhere

Another Gear. This time we focus on Kait Diaz for the biggest campaign yet. In addition to an new Escape multiplayer mode.  I’ve been into Gears since the beginning, so here we go again!

Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne –  Xbox One X Enhanced

More Monster Hunter… WITH ICE!!!!  New stuff (with ice), more gameplay (with Ice), new quests (with ice), and new story (with ice).

Creature in the Well- Xbox One X Enhanced, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass for PC

Part pinball, part dungeon crawler, all fun!  I haven’t played this but I’m super fascinated by it, the top-down aspect seems like it might work, but as a dungeon lover and pinball-meh-er, I’m hesitant to see how they integrate. But the buzz and videos look great!

NBA 2K20 – Xbox One X Enhanced

Who doesn’t like an in depth story mode in your sports games?!  Oh. Well, it’s NBA 2K20, so the gameplay is gonna be great regardless.

Restless Hero – Xbox Play Anywhere

I’m not gonna lie, at first glance I didn’t think much of this challenging platformer, but after just a little bit of gameplay I was all in.

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