That’s RIGHT ranger nation! Hasbro and Nickelodeon has dropped a new trailer on Youtube here’s what we have caught in the action-packed preview of Beast Morphers Season 2 :
Beast Morphers NEWEST Season 2 Trailer

Beast Morphers Season 2: New Modes! New Zords! Upgraded weapons! Arising Threats!

First, we see Evox in his new body walking around in the real world! How will our rangers deal with the physical threat! Do we see the gold ranger wielding a new Beast-X King Power Bow? Seconds before that we see the red ranger using what looks to be a new, blaster! The new Beast-X battle mode is consistent with the source materials Powered Custom mode with just a little renaming. I’m interested to see IF Steel and Nate will get an American made upgrade to follow suit.


Spoilers for Season 2 of Beast Morphers ahead

That’s right the new Beast-X king zord is magnificent! It just like the Racer zord will have 3 modes! First a Lion, then Motorcycle, and still a Megazord in addition to being able to combine with ALL the other zords. What they will call it we don’t know as the moniker for the Ultrazord is already taken. My guess Beast-X King Ultrazord

What does that mean for the toy aisle?

You can already find the Beast-X king Morpher at some stores. With this trailer are we going to get all 3 Beast-X Battle mode rangers in toy form? Will Hasbro use their Nerf technology to make a version of the King Power Bow? will we get that aforementioned Blaster that the red ranger was using?

Obviously know we are going to get that sweet new zord! Could also get another rerelease of an Amazon exclusive with all the zords? Who knows?!

When will we see our Beast Morphers Power Rangers again?

Sadly, the trailer doesn’t give us a definite answer hopefully soon as I personally am running low on Morph-X energy. But… this does give me some pep in my step till the next episode!

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