Photos released from Hasbro, show the new Striker Morpher toy for the Gold and Silver Beast Morpher Rangers, and they NERF’D this one up!

Why the change?

Hasbro has us scratching our heads over this bizarre choice of making Nerf Gun. After the well-received Beast-X Morpher from this year’s New York Toy fair, that came with lights, sound and voice activation. Why did they seem to take a backstep?

Maybe Hasbro needs to take a second look at their choice of incorporating their Nerf line into their Power Rangers toys? The Cheetah Beast Blaster is still on store shelves since the initial toy release.

Let’s compare

The Original Morphin Blaster from Go-busters looks fantastic! The black, gold and silver accents work well with the aesthetic of the Gold and Silver Rangers.

We don’t see the cell phone mode in the show

But this Nerf’d out version seems like it came from a PLAYSKOOL line of toys with the minimal paint and lack of detail. The molds do look the same, I’ll give them that albeit the dart loops and the pull in the stock.

Striker Morpher: It’s not for everyone

Please DO remember that Power Rangers has been on for 25 years now! This show is generational. So must Hasbro’s offerings to the canvas the whole range of fans. The Lighting Collection is proof of it! Hopefully, Hasbro will learn a thing from its freshman outing and not push things into the show that don’t belong like the Cheetah Blaster or the upcoming Cheetah Claws and focus on making a high-quality product.

What are your thoughts on the Beast Morphers Toy line and the Striker Morpher Nerf toy? Let us know in the comments below!

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