We have a new entry into the ever-evolving world of Geek Fashion. Hot Topic is selling all-new Critical Role merchandise! Confirmed over the weekend, We saw inside a Critical Role Facebook group a post about a Critical Role hoodie appearing in Hot Topic stores:

Critical Role Merchandise confirmed for Hot Topic

Critical Role’s Merch Queen and Cast Member, Laura Bailey, confirmed the merchandise’s availability on her Twitter:

Likewise, we have even more images of the new Critical Role merchandise thanks to Twitter user EdubationMajor:

And here’s a better look at the hoodie and shirts:

Hot topic; critical role merchandise
Critical Role Merchandise; hot topic
Critical Role Merchandise

CR fan artist WendyDoodles created the amazing art for the portrait shirt. All thee of these items are amazing, and can be worn really with anything.

Now here are some important notes:

These Critical Role shirts and the hoodie are HT exclusives, so Hot Topic is the one place that will have them for sale.

Further, on another note:

These items are not a part of the Ripple Junction deal. (That announcement came late last year.) So, expect further, official announcements to hopefully arrive in the coming months.

Yes, currently, these are only available in Hot Topic stores, but you might want to call ahead and check to make sure your local store is carrying them. They are not yet available on the HT website, but they should be readily available online soon.