If you’re looking for a different RPG system to use other then 5th Edition D&D, well you’re in luck then. One of these other RPG systems is Deadlands: Reloaded. And, thanks to Critical Role, there’s even a new min-series to go with it.

Critical Role; Deadlands: Reloaded

The Deadlands: Reloaded system is definitely an interesting system. Sure, the core RPG rule set borrows from that of Savage Worlds. But this game itself is crazy.

Deadlands: Reloaded is set in what’s now known as the “Weird West.” Mysterious creatures called “Reckoners” invaded the West to give life to what is known as “The Reckoning.”

The events of The Reckoning changed history from July 3rd, 1869 forward. California was destroyed and turned into a labyrinth…. And a mysterious super-fuel was discovered as well.

UnDeadwood Trailer Revealed

Several week ago, game developer Critical Role released a huge Fall Scheduling Update to their website. Among the new shows listed was Undeadwood. The RPG will utilize the Deadlands: Reloaded system, and it looks like it will be very dark and supernatural-like. In conjunction with the announcement, Critical Role also released a trailer:

Unfortunately there was no big reveal of the story’s details. Notwithstanding, we did learn the cast and DM that will bring UnDeadwood to life.

Undeadwood’s cast will consist of Critical Role’s DM Matt Mercer and other CR cast members, Marisha Ray and Travis Willingham, as well. Joining them are Overwatch voice actress Anjali Bhimani. and Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go, and The Walking Dead star Khary Payton.

As for the DM, Critical Role’s Creative Producer and host of Talks Machine Brian Foster will be taking the cast through this adventure. The show launches next Friday, October 18th at 7 PM Pacific on Critical Role’s Twitch. The stream will then launch to the Critical Role YouTube Channel the following Sunday.

I am so excited for this to launch, and it’s coming out just in time for Halloween.