Critical Role’s brand is expanding, with a lot of new merchandise coming out in the coming months.

Comic Book was able to confirm that the highly successful D&D show has signed several licensing deals with multiple companies. Those companies are:

  • Funko
  • McFarlane Toys
  • Penguin Random House
  • Ripple Junction

This is a huge step for Critical Role. Since launching in March 2015, the show has expanded quite a bit. They branched off from Geek and Sundry earlier this year. In addition to that, they have a brand new studio.

And they also had a very successful Kickstarter campaign for their animated series as well. And this next step with new merch is going to be awesome. Critical Role’s CEO Travis Willingham had this to say about these new merchandise deals:

“It’s important to us that we work with the right partners to ensure both the brand and the community are authentically represented across the board. We are thrilled to be working side by side with Collaborations and our new licensees to make Critical Role merchandise more accessible to fans everywhere.”

Now, it is unknown exactly what is going to be made. What we do know is the possibilities for merch are endless. As far as what we understand, it looks Funkos, Action Figures, Books, and new Clothing merch will be made.

And it seems like it will be a lot more accessible for the fans to get. All of this new merchandise will mostly be sold on both the US Critical Role Shop, and the UK Shop. But retailers like Target, Walmart, and even Gamestop will be able to see these new offerings.

As for which campaign is getting merch, I would think it’s safe to say both campaigns are getting new merchandise offerings.