Birds of Prey Trailer 2

With one month left until its release, Birds of Prey dropped its second trailer and first story-based trailer. Oh, I’m sorry.  Let’s get the name right: Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.  You can watch the Birds of Prey trailer 2 above.

Now THIS is Harley!

While this is her first solo movie Harley returns from Suicide Squad played again by Margot Robbie.  For the first time it looks as if Margot Will bring out the true essence of one fantabulous Harley Quinn.  Her performance received praise from Suicide Squad, but it lacked the true feeling of Harley, but then again this was in her “Mr J. days” the script wasn’t focused on her exclusively.  With this clip we see that she and Joker are done, via an amazing explosion on Harley’s part that destroys ACME chemicals, the Joker’s base and place of origin.

In this trailer we see Harley’s positive monologue with the actual picture of her in her hoodie eating spray cheese out of the can with a large string falling down her face. Margot nails Harley’s accent as well as the innocence that hides behind her facade of crime. It is this duality of good and evil that makes characters like Harley and Catwoman so loved.

Harley’s Birds of Prey – Sorta

Team Harley
Birds of Prey Trailer 2 Team

In Birds of Prey Trailer 2 we finally see Harley’s partners in anti-crime as they take on the true villain, Black Mask. Joining her are Gotham favorites, Black Canary, Huntress, Rene Montoya, and Casandra Cain. With the exception of Montoya, all these ladies exist in the gray areas of Batman’s Gotham. They fight for good, but without the strict morals and guidelines of the Batman, and this usually gets them kicked out of the city by said crusader.

We see the trademark Canary cry and Huntress’ crossbows. Rene is a detective, which is also show, but perhaps the interesting addition is Casandra Cain. In the comics she was the daughter to Shiva and as such trained as an assassin. Later she took the mantle of Batgirl, but she never spoke. Will they set this up or rewrite the character?

Where’s the Uniqueness and Trademarks?

The only thing I found lacking came from the sameness of everyone’s looks. No one sported an outfit anything like their comic book versions, but that may be something the story leads the characters into by movie’s end. I really hope they let all of these crime fighters show off their personalities.

The one unique look that stands out in this trailer belongs to Ewan McGregor and his character, Black Mask. Black Mask has been one of the major crime bosses in Gotham for ages, but he has never shown up in a major project before. Ewan should do an amazing job bringing this villain to life.

Finally we see Harley with perhaps her second most well known trademark. Her signature item is of course the mallet, but her second most notable item has to be the Hyena, and at long last they are brought into this movie.

Birds of Prey Trailer 2: Eat Your Heart Out Deadpool

In many ways, Harley is the DC answer to Marvel’s Deadpool. Both are R rated jokesters with over the top language and personalities. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall regularly and talks to the audience directly. Harley often does the same but in more subtle ways. Thsi movie looks to be loads of fun and should do well over Valentine’s Day.