You can definitely tell that Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures are putting a lot of their hopes on Dune: Part Two. To be fair, Denis Villeneuve did a marvelous job with the first part of Dune back in 2021. With his focus on cinematic artsiness, he has made this sci-fi franchise originally by Frank Herbert stand out from Star Wars in a very good way. Thus, you can perfectly understand why Warner Bros. Pictures has released a whole bunch of cinematic trailers for this upcoming film. This is merely the third of those trailers.

Dune: Part Two ~ Official Trailer 3 Details

No Dune trailer can be complete without Paul Atreides on the thumb.

Warner Bros. Pictures is proud to hype up Dune: Part Two with that third official trailer above on YouTube. Said trailer shows off the epic conflict between Paul Atreides and the Fremen as they war with the Harkonnens in a bloody guerilla war. Complete with the Fremens unleashing sandworms on the Harkonnen soldiers. Yeah, you can tell in that trailer that there’s not much the Harkonnen soldiers and Sardaukar can do against a continent-sized worm. Besides run, that is. And even then, you get the feeling that them running is just going to cause them to die tired.

Dune: Part Two official trailer 3 image featuring the sandworms heading right for a Harkonnen army.
Sorry, exactly what do you hope to accomplish with your swords against that?

Alas, it will still be a while before we can see this sequel to 2021’s Dune. Dune: Part Two will make its theatrical debut on March 1, 2024; with an international theatrical release slated just a bit earlier than that on February 28, 2024. Given the length of time until release, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get even more trailers, but that’s just speculation for now.

Tune back in to THS later to find out more Dune: Part Two news when we hear about it.