Four new teaser posters were released yesterday ahead of today’s trailer drop. The new Harley movie looks ready to…ok, well, technically its a Birds of Prey movie focused on the female heroes of Gotham. Wait, so why are all the posters focused on Harley then if the movie follows the BoP and not Harley? The movie title does read: Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn. Either way the Birds of Prey Posters look cool:

Birds of Prey Posters: Wall 2 Wall Harley

These posters, while questioned because there’s more to the movie than her, brilliantly set up Harley Quinn and her personality for those who do not know her yet. They show off her spunk and over-exuberance of personality, along with her quirky tastes.

These posters all show Harley in the same golden overalls and pink top. Far from a signature outfit, apart from Mr J. I am sure we will see her in many outfits. The one poster features Harley’s trademark pet, the hyena, and her laying on a smashed cop car demonstrates her constant flaunting of the law.

Where are the Heroes??

IF the title starts off Birds of Prey, then why does almost 100% of the marketing revolve around Harley? Simply put, Harley holds the hot mallet right now. After Margot Robbie’s performance in Suicide Squad, Harley solidified her position as one of the hottest characters in the DCU.

The Birds of Prey may be the lead team of the movie, but they lack both Harley’s spunk, sparkle and charm. Oracle, better known as Batgirl in her earlier days, remains the most notable. On top of that she is the daughter to Commissioner Gordon. The lesser two, Huntress and Black Canary rarely show up in their own universes. Canary gained some notoriety from the CW show Arrow. Three incarnations came from that show and may in fact be getting their own spin off as Arrow concludes. Oracle could be given more personality, but Huntress and Canary generally don’t possess very bubbly personalities.

Harley Remains the Focus But Which Harley?

Harley was first introduced on the animated series Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. The first couple appearances she showed up as single, stand alone character, but she quickly found her way into hearts and minds and turned into an ongoing sidekick to her Puddin’ – Joker. The backstories grew, and she became a psychiatrist who fell into Joker’s twisted charms…and brutality.

Since then Harley became more independent and in most cases swore off Joker all together. In her stand alone title, she separated herself from Gotham and Joker and lives in Coney Island. Her character transformed into an anti villain along the lines of Selina Kyle/Catwoman. In fact she jsut passed her trial to become the Angel of Retribution.

The Movie’s Direction for Harley

Emancipation – the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation.

The movie’s use of Harley remains to be seen. Last we saw in Suicide Squad she still loved Joker, but given the use and inclusion of emancipation in the title, I think we can assume Harley will be stepping out on her own and finding her independence.

Harley will not be the villain We already know Ewan McGregor plays Black Mask, who will take the role of primary villain. I think we will see Harley start off with the villains, but through the course of the movie she will end up with the Birds of Prey.