Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is imminently upon us now. We’d already known it would air on Disney+ sometime in February. A recent advertisement on Disney’s official website, however, informed us of the official date: Monday, February 17. In that the show last aired six years ago, fans are clamoring to re-watch the series on Disney+ in anticipation of its return. For those Star Wars fans who don’t have time to revisit the entire series, here are three, essential Clone Wars episodes we think you’ll need to watch before Season 7 arrives.

Essential Clone Wars re-watch: “The Lawless”

Essential Clone Wars; Lawless
Darth Sidious faces off against Maul in “The Lawless.” (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd. )

“The Lawless” originally aired as episode 16 of Season 5 in February of 2013. In it, Maul has seized control of Mandalore (and the Darksaber) and set a trap for Obi-Wan Kenobi. That trap was the capture of Obi-Wan’s true love, the Duchess Satine Kryze. Maul kills Satine before Obi-Wan’s eyes, leaving the Jedi master heartbroken. Of course, Kenobi escapes with the help of Satine’s sister, Bo-Katan. We already know that she’ll feature in Season 7 – we’ve seen her with Ahoska Tano in the preview footage. This episode, however, also featured Darth Sidious putting Maul in his place and the reveal that Sidious had a greater plan for Maul. All of the above makes this episode essential Clone Wars watching before Season 7 premieres.

“The Wrong Jedi”

Essential Clone Wars; Ahsoka; Anakin
Ahoska leaves the Jedi Order, and Anakin, behind in “The Wrong Jedi.” (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

The last episode of Season 5 was and remains one of the most emotional and poignant of the entire 6-season series to date. “The Wrong Jedi” sees Ahsoka Tano stand trial for the murder of Letta Turmond, a suspected accomplice in the bombing of the Jedi temple. The Jedi counsel participates in Admiral Tarkin’s military tribunal, seemingly having abandoned one of their own. Ahoska is about to be convicted when Anakin appears with the true culprit, Padawan Barriss Offee. Upon her exoneration, the Jedi Council invites Ahsoka back into the order. She refuses, and the scene in which she walks away from the Order, and Anakin, is heartbreaking Of course, with Order 66 looming, Ahsoka’s leaving may have saved her life.  Again, there’s no question this will be an essential Clone Wars Episode on which to brush up before next month.


Clone Wars; YOda; Darth Bane
The spirit of Darth Bane returns in “Sacrifice.” (Image: Lucasfilm LTd.)

“Sacrifice” is the very last episode of The Clone Wars to date. Yoda travels to the Sith home world of Moraband to learn why Qui-Gon Jinn has contacted him from beyond the Force. There Yoda faces off with the spirit of one of the most powerful Sith ever, Darth Bane. Bombarded with visions, Yoda sees the future foreshadowed, including the possibility of the Republic’s downfall. Yoda encounters Darth Sidious really for the first time, and the episodes let’s up many of the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. As Season 7 will likely delve into how Yoda handles what he’s learned on Moraband, “Sacrifice” may be one of the most essential Clone Wars episodes to watch in your lead-up to Season 7.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns February 17 on Disney+.