Well if you haven’t noticed the STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker final trailer was released tonight. If you missed the trailer or want to watch it again, you can see it here. But judging by the comments all over social media, more good than bad for once, it seems like a lot of you have seen it a few times already. Not only have fans been watching it like crazy, they are also buying tickets for the movie at a record pace. According to CNBC The Rise of Skywalker has beaten Avengers: Endgame in its first hour of ticket sales on Atom Tickets.

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The Rise of Skywalker VS End Game

CNBC has reported that STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker has sold 45% more tickets on Atom Tickets than Endgame did in its 1st hour of ticket sales. According to CNBC and Atom Tickets this is a new record for them.

The Rise of Skywalker trailer

Now don’t get to excited yet we still have a long way to go for The Rise of Skywalker to try to dethrone Avengers: Endgame from their record for the highest grossing movie of all time. But who knows… with this being the end of the Skywalker Saga. And with it being one of the most anticipated movies of the year, there is a good chance we could see some more of these records fall.

The Rise of Skywalker

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