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This isn’t a full review, by any means, but I enjoyed it. It was a fun film that really fleshed out the Natasha character. She got an engaging story and a nice sendoff but that’s not why we’re here.


A quick plot synopsis is that we get introduced to Natasha, Yelena, Alexei, and Melina in the 90’s they live in Ohio but they have to go back to Russia and are separated. We later in the present find Natasha on the run. She runs into Taskmaster and fights off the villain, who’s more like The Terminator. She barely survives but meets up with Yelena who discovers that there’s a way to break mind control on Widows. They pursue their ‘mother’ and ‘father’, Alexei and Melina. Eventually they realize that an old villain from Natasha’s past, Dreykov, is using mind control to control all the Black Widows. Final fight is above an airborne Red Room, where Taskmaster, Dreykov, and the heroes fight to save the Widows and the world.

The (Pre) Credits Scene

I know what you’re thinking: “There’s a pre credits scene?” Well, I think it is. It feels like a scene that would play out as a post credits scene and kind of comes after what to me felt like the natural end of the movie. Now Marvel may not officially classify it as such, but I’m not exactly in a position to ask. So we’re rolling with it!

As the movie draws to an end, Natasha, Yelena, Alexei, and Melina have destroyed the Red Room, defeated Dreykov, and freed the other Widows, including Taskmaster, from Dreykov’s control. Natasha tells the other Widows to leave, Yelena goes with the newly freed Widows to free other Widows from Dreykov’s control.

As that scene ends we do get a scene of Natasha meeting up with Mason who has supplied her with goods throughout the movie. She is now rocking her blonde look and he supplies her with a Quinjet, which explains why she, Steve, and others had it in Infinity War. She takes the Quinjet and with her newfound acceptance of family says that she can repair the wounds with The Avengers and free the captors on the Raft which we saw at the end of Civil War. It’s not a huge scene reveals-wise, but does a good job to connect the movie to the wider MCU.

The Post Credits Scene

Yelena pulls up somewhere in a forest with a dog, which is a payoff on a previous scene where she mentioned she wanted a dog. She visits Natasha’s grave, which indicates this is post-Endgame. Yelena looks over Natasha’s grave and Valentina (Julia-Louis Dreyfus) shows up. Yelena acknowledges her by name. Valentina claims she’s there to show respect but Yelena sees through it. Yelena asks for a raise and Valentina shows her a tablet with her next target: Clint Barton.

The connection here is obvious, setting up Yelena to appear in the Hawkeye Disney+ series. This also does the obvious job of interjecting Yelena into the MCU. By no means is she confirmed as the new Black Widow, but that’s something that will likely be established across Hawkeye and other projects.

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Black Widow releases in theaters and on Disney+ on July 9th.

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