Is it possible we’ve already seen the next MCU villain in Spider-Man: Far From? Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds) has expressed his interest in playing a villain in any future MCU films, after all. Recently in an Insider interview, the actor was asked to divulge his favorite fan theory about his character. Batalon responded by saying “I feel like some people have wanted me to become the Hobgoblin, and I am personally an advocate of that.”

Thoughts on Ned becoming the next MCU villain

SO, will the Spider-Man: Far From Home star be the next MCU villain? We have seen a lot of Spider-Man villains take the silver screen yet. However, Ned would be the most unexpected villain yet. Due to his job being Spider-Man’s “guy in the chair” side-kick, no one would expect him to be the next baddie. The character of Ned has always filled the role of Peter’s lovable best friend. The twist in the tale of him being evil might just be the spice we need in Phase 4 of the MCU.

How Ned can become The Hobgoblin

We know Jacob Batalon would be interested in playing the Hobgoblin. This would fit in perfectly in the MCU in many ways. First, Marvel Comics often introduces the Hobgoblin as a friend or associate of Peter Parker. There is even an issue where the real Hobgoblin brainwashes Ned into acting as a second Hobgoblin. Ned is, of course, the web-slinger’s closest confidant. In the Sam Raimi version of Spider-Man, we expected Harry Osborn to change allegiance and follow in his father’s evil steps. In Ned’s case, however, it could create a total twist that fans may not see coming, especially after Far From Home.

Due to Ned’s nature in the films,we know that he wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly. However, Marvel might be able to pull this off by making him evil against his will, as in the comics. Such plot could revolve around the real Hobgoblin brainwashing into crossing Peter. Admittedly it’s a stretch. But…. Imagine imagined a poisoned Ned with special abilities, accompanied by the Hobgoblin suit and weapons!

[Warning: spoiler ahead in case you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Far From Home .]

Finally, the thing to remember is that Peter’s identity is out. Mysterio reveals Spider-Man’s identity to the world at the end of Far From Home. By announcing to the world Peter’s secret, he has put Peter’s loved ones in danger. This list includes Aunt May, MJ, Ned, and the rest of his Midtown High gang. This, however, could be the new villain’s plan of using Peter’s right hand against him.

Time will tell. Now that Peter Parker is back in the MCU, anything is possible.