zombieland 2

IT’s time to return to Zombieland: a new red band trailer dropped for the forthcoming movie, Zombieland 2: Double Tap. While much can be said about this new trailer on its own, perhaps one of the biggest shockers goes to Bill Murray who seems to reprise his role as, well, himself. Perhaps he was only ‘mostly dead’ after being shot in the chest last movie. Watch the trailer below:

Time To Tap Some More Zombies

The Crew Returns

Zombieland 2: Double Tap returns our survivors from the first movie – Columbus, Wichita, Tallahassee and Little Rock. The crew fights a new breed of zombie that apparently moves faster, thinks smarter and dies in more gruesome ways than ever before.

The chemistry between Harrelson, Eisenberg, Stone and Breslin stood out and drove the first movie. If this trailer shows any indication, they will in this iteration once more. Only know they are a family, which can both weaken and strengthen the group.

Zany Antics Galore

Zombieland first looked like most zombie movies, but then Eisenberg opens his mouth. From then on the first movie used prime music choice, funny monologues and wonderful character interactions to carve out a unique and hilarious niche in the world of zombies. Live life by the rules and chase it down with a Twinkie.

Besides the antics, Zombieland 2 promises a new cast of characters to add to the survivors. Zoey Deutch joins the cast as the stereotypical blonde haired ditz, Madison. The crew cracks several jokes at her expense, most at her lack of smarts, and teases she will be the first to die. Of course this means she will be the last one standing in a movie like this. We also get Rosario Dawson, Dan Akroyd, Luke Wilson and others to join the cast and the comedy.

Then There’s Him…

Zombieland 2

One of the funny, albeit brief, cameos in the original Zombieland belonged to Bill Murray playing, well…..Bill Murray. Just one issue pops up. Isn’t he dead? Murray was shot square in the chest by Columbus when Murray tried to scare him as a fake zombie. The crew then unceremoniously dumps the body over a wall.

Yet in this trailer we see Bill alive and well, talking to Al Roker. When asked why he did (something), simply put – drugs cost money. This could be a flashback, but I doubt it. Some how Murray survives and returns for the sequel.

The red band trailer promises more hilarity and angst similar to the original. It should be a fun trip. Zombieland 2: Double Tap opens October 18.