After a long and arduous wait, we finally get the next installment of our teenagers with attitudes with a brief interruption for more back story. Also, spoilers if you haven’t read Power Rangers #1.

10,000 years ago

It seems that Zordon’s former boss could be the reason we have rangers all over the universe! But how did those guys get to be floating blue heads without being in a containment tube? I’m just asking for a friend…

Meanwhile at the Command Center

As Billy takes repairs Alpha, Kimberly, and Zordon try to have a civil discussion as to why the Omega Rangers would break into the Command Center and break Drakkon out of custody. Obviously, Zordon is PISSED, to say the least. Even putting out a galactic B.O.L.O for the Omegas and he promises to strip them of their powers to boot!

What happens next

SPOILERS Rangers! I can say that the villains are going to step up their game and when they put their machinations into motion the team won’t have any idea what’s coming. Maybe the New Green Ranger will be their saving grace?!

Getting under the Power Rangers covers

So which Power Ranger cover are you hoping to get? You can find them in your Local Comic Shop then jump back in the comments and let us know what you thought about the blink and you’ll miss its action.

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