Since E3 this year where Sony and Microsoft both made mention of their next-generation consoles, we haven’t had much news. That all changed this morning. On their Playstation blog, Sony unveiled the launch window for the next console. The Playstation 5 is tentatively set for launch in Holiday 2020.

It’s both a huge update and if you go and read the blog, not a huge update. There’s been speculation that this was going to be the release window. This is just a concrete definition now. So if you were wondering what it was going to look like, what the launch games are going to be, or anything else, you’re out of luck. The blog post does mention something about the controller however.

A New Playstation 5 Controller

The controllers for the past two Playstation consoles have come with gimmicks that set it apart from previous designs. This one is no different. First off, the Playstation 5 controller will ditch rumble and go with haptic feedback instead. The article describes haptic feedback as something that will make it feel different if you drive a car into a wall or if you get tackled on the football field in Madden. This means you’ll have a broad range of feedback when you’re playing. It’s another way to immerse yourself in the game.

The final piece of information that the post gave us was that the controllers would have adaptive triggers now. This means that the L2/R2 buttons will be able to have different levels of resistance depending on what you’re doing. Shooting a bow in a game? You’re going to feel different resistance than if you’re using the triggers to grab a ledge or whatnot. It’s a new feature that should allow, for like I said before, more immersive gameplay.

This is just a small bit of news about the upcoming console generation that I’m certain will heat up over the coming months as we get closer to next Fall. The Xbox Scarlett doesn’t have a release date or window. So this is a good act on Sony’s part to hit the news first. It’ll be interesting to see how those two giants do battle over who’ll have the most powerful console.

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