Fans of both the graphic novel and movie invaded The Hammerstein Ballroom hoping the cast of the upcoming Snowpiercer series gives us the inside “track“ of what’s in store.

The series is set 7 years after the great train ark has departed station. It’s a whole 43 years before the Chris Evans 2013 film. The back of the train will still be dark and gritty but it won’t look like it’s been lived in for several decades. While the 1% at the front of the massive, perpetually moving one thousand and one car train has no idea what going on “behind the scenes” or even behind them for that fact.

During the panel, the atmosphere was cold from the eerie ice blue lights. We saw some development graphics showing the train during the panel. They showed how massive it is, while Graeme Mason, the showrunner, went on to humbly thank the unsung heroes of the series. The set designers, artists, craftsmen and everyone that make the show possible off-screen. From what we were told by the cast, we are in for a visually stunning experience! Stephen Oog said that the sets are so cool that they even sway much like train cars would during filming that you had to get your sealegs.

Initial Productions designs
The second phase of designing
Final Design

A Star-Studded Cast Snowed Us Over

The Cast of Snowpiercer admiring the showrunner talking about the amazing team on set

The cast led by Jennifer Connelly went through and briefly described their characters. Connelly is looking forward to playing a character that has no counterpart in neither the graphic novel or movie. Daveed Diggs in his smooth splendor was a riot on stage. He went on to say he was not lending his musical talents to the show he saying: “I feel that my character isn’t musically inclined.”

Although, Lena Hall will be performing on the show as the Madame of the night car. She went on the explain that her car is “The Switzerland of the train.” Speaking of the staff working for the train Mickey Sumner will be playing a keeper of the peace. Sumner and Diggs went on to say are no guns allowed on the train. Which means self-defense takes on a whole new role.

Are you looking forward to Snowpiercier? Are you going to fit into Mr. Wilfords grand design? Let us know in the comments below and Stay tuned to ThatHashtagShow for everything trending in geek pop culture!

Available in the Snowpiercer Booth

In case anyone was wondering NO I didn’t get a bugbar at the Snowpiercer booth.