Saturday night at NYCC 2019, the Hulu Theater was filled to the brim with people clamoring to get a seat to see the cast of the STARZ original hit series Outlander.

Other panels might not have a table with whiskey and shot glasses. Outlander required something a bit stronger than other panels. The moderator figured it would help with the cast, if they decided not to answer a question. It worked just ask Sam Houghton and Maria Doyle Kennedy

As the panel started, the first on stage was none other than Diana Gabaldon herself! Followed by the executive producers, then the cast. The fans in attendance were in an uproar as each new person joined the stage! Finally, when it came down to the series’ main stars, the feeling was palpable. The sound that emanated as Caitriona Belle and Sam Heughan entered was so loud, you could hear it in Scotland.

Hold On To Your Kilts

The moderator apologized that not all the cast were able to make it, namely Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin. They were on set filming in Scotland. They did, however, send a lovely video, with a brief cameo by Adso the Cat filled with wonderful humor you see in the blooper reels and campy clips for fan service they produce occasionally.

Sadly unlike most other panels. We didn’t get a full first episode sneak peek instead we were given a glimpse into Frazier’s Ridge and all the rich intertwined American history on the way. Check out the Trailer:

Season 5 Trailer

After another eardrum-shattering clamor, the audience settled in for questions by the moderator. For me, this was the best panel during NYCC 2019. The questions and answers were fantastic!

The cast was asked what are some of the reason this show pulls in the audience. Caitriona said how the ever-growing relationship of her character and Jamie has endured the test of time. Duncan Lacroix, who plays Murtagh, was asked how he portrays his character. At this point, he is dead in the books but is alive and well on screen. He said “I use my scripts as my source material” not to be bogged down by book.

Diana Gabaldon said that the producers have done such a good job with her material. There haven’t been any conflicts with changes made to the original story, even keeping Murtaugh alive.

The cast said we will see quite a few changes on the show including a new set for Claire’s Surgery. Going on to talk about the real-life Dr. Claire who works onset as their medical expert.

All About the Fans

If it obviously hasn’t been stated, Outlander has one of the FIERCEST followings I’ve seen not counting the Star Wars and Star Trek communities. When it came time for Q&A the microphones were swamped with people just to get the chance to ask a question.

Fans were from all over the world. Including one who came from Brazil just for the panel. That fan brought a gift for Caitriona for her birthday the day before. Speaking of which, you could tell some of the cast were still feeling the effects of the previous night’s frivolity. Also, a fan from Scotland went up, who’s grandmother was a World War II nurse like Claire was in the show. She loves the fact that it’s a rare chance that she gets to see part of her Scottish history, portrayed on television.

Caitriona receiving a gift and hug from a Brazilian fan.
Caitriona receiving a gift and hug from a Brazilian fan.

Other questions included: who was the hardest to work with onset. Everyone agreed it was Rolo the dog. What are Sam and Caitriona’s favorite words from the show? They answered, “Jesus H Roosevelt Christ” and “Sassenach”, respectively in character.

Near the end of the panel, everyone took a moment to sing happy birthday to Caitriona and the whole cast collectively did a shot.

cheers from the cast
slàinte mhath

Endless Love Off-Screen Too

All throughout the weekend the off-site venues had MC’s and DJ’s to keep the crowd going. They would play games and give out free stuff. Saturday was special as a lovely couple from Albany, New York got engaged on stage. Earlier, the groom already planned with the MC’s but didn’t wait for his cue and just went for it.

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