Sonic the Hedgehog has reemerged into a huge hit in mainstream media in recent years. All thanks in no small part to the pair of highly successful and even critically acclaimed films (released in 2020 and 2022 respectively) about this blue speed demon of a hedgehog, and the recent release of Sonic Frontiers back in November 8, 2022. Really, it’s no wonder that someone has decided to open up a Sonic-themed pop-up restaurant called the Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Cafe. Don’t believe me? Well, then read on, and let’s find out more about this, shall we?

Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Cafe: Delicious Details

Sonic the Hedgehog interior 3 photo. Photo credit: Noah Red.
I see they’re going hog-wild with the Sonic theming.

SEGA in collaboration with restauranteur Andy Nguyen of Secret Sauce Society are proud to announce that they are opening the Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Cafe. As you can see from the photos, this will be a themed pop-up restaurant starring the blue speed demon and his friends…plus his enemies as well. Not only will this pop-up restaurant feature themed foods, but also exclusive Sonic-themed packaging and merchandise. It’s a veritable paradise for Sonic the Hedgehog fans.

Sonic the Hedgehog interior 2 photo. Photo credit: Noah Red.
The nostalgia is palpable in this pop-up restaurant.

So when and where can you go to experience the best Sonic eating experience? Apparently, the Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Cafe is already open as of this writing. It made its grand debut on July 13, 2023. You can find it at 910 J St Space 2, San Diego, CA (Zip code: 92101). In fact, it’s right where a Chick’NCone used to be. If you want to visit this pop-up restaurant though, then you’d better hurry. Because on August 20, 2023; it’s going to revert back into a Chick’NCone, and all that Sonic-themed food will be history.

Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Cafe: Menu

Want to know what this Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Cafe will be serving when you get there? Or perhaps you can’t make it and you just want to admire the food in visual form? Well, here’s a selection of the cafe’s menu options for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy:

Sonic’s Classic Chili Dog

Sonic's Classic Chili Dog photo 2. Photo credit: Noah Red.
You can’t have a Sonic restaurant without his iconic favorite food.

Knuckles Sandwich

Knuckles Sandwich photo 1. Photo credit: Noah Red.
Not sure what fried chicken has to do with echidnas, but I’ll take it.

The Evil Genius

The Evil Genius photo 2. Photo credit: Noah Red.
I’m disappointed this Dr. Eggman sandwich doesn’t appear to have mushrooms in it.

Sonic Heroes Slush

Sonic Heroes Slush photo. Photo credit: Noah Red.
I see what you did there with the 3 colors.

Team Dark Mocha Milkshake

Team Dark Mocha Milkshake photo. Photo credit: Noah Red.
How fitting that Shadow the Hedgehog would have his own chocolate drink.

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