Crackdown 3

Image courtesy of: Microsoft

The Crackdown series has long been one used by Microsoft to promote another of their properties. Whether it’s Crackdown being used as a tool to sell the Halo 3 beta or this third installment being used as the poster-boy for Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is the reason I started playing Crackdown 3. The game was plagued by delays and silence from the developer for a long time. It was released to little fanfare in February of this year. Microsoft originally had a huge marketing campaign for the game involving Terry Crews that was supposed to be good to go in June of 2018. It didn’t end up happening. It also didn’t happen when it was originally, originally slated to release in 2016. A game getting delays that long usually isn’t a success.

Crackdown as a series is a lot like the action movies that it emulates. You play as a super-cop in essence. You can jump like Superman, punch and kick like Bruce Lee, and shoot like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The game doesn’t take itself seriously. You gain experience for each skill by collecting orbs for agility, and by punching, shooting, driving, and blowing stuff up like a badass. You have to take down criminal and drug bosses until you get to the kingpin. It’s a formula that works.

Crackdown 3 is a perfect game to sit down and play mindlessly. Which is why I’m so fond of it. It’s not pretending to be some gaming experience that reinvents the whole genre or platform. But it does the job of being a fun game that you can pick up and play.

Final Thoughts

It’s a dead time in gaming right now. With the Fall and Winter on the horizon, it’s time to plow through backlogs. There’s plenty of time until September creeps around with the Modern Warfare beta, Borderlands 3, and much more. For now, it’s time to play those games you might have missed like Crackdown. You might find something you really like. That’s it from me to you, for now.

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