Deadline is reporting that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will not produce any further Spider-Man films. Disney and Sony Pictures have been unable to reach new terms that would be beneficial to both sides. The dispute has taken Feige off producing and Marvel out of involvement.

The past two Spider-Man films have been two of the biggest box-office earners for the studio. The next two Spider-Man films with Tom Holland at the helm are set to continue production but Marvel will not be apart of the creative process for the films.

The big problem between the two sides is money and lots of it. These movies are making the studios huge amounts of money that they don’t want to necessarily split with each other. This all comes back from Marvel licensing out their film properties in the 90’s when they were going bankrupt. Now it’s coming back to bite them.

The report is that Sony turned down a 50/50 offer to co-finance the films and didn’t return to the table. Sony doesn’t want to share it’s biggest cash-cow.

Spider-Man Going Forward

This leads back to whether or not Sony can continue the current Spider-Man franchise without the help of Feige and Marvel Studios. Marvel has shown that they can do no wrong when it comes to box office results and Sony has shown that they can misfire with their movies.

Sony can continue with their blueprint set by the first two films but it’s a question of if they can innovate without Marvel and their creative teams behind it.

There has been no comment on the issue from Marvel at the current time but Sony is going to move forward with their other superhero content like Venom 2, Kraven The Hunter, Morbius, and a sequel to Into the Spider-Verse. This is huge news for fans of Marvel. It doesn’t mean that Spider-Man will be leaving our screens. But it does mean that we’ll be getting a different creative vision for the character.

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