Madden 20

Andrew Luck looks super realistic in Madden's updated game engine.
Image courtesy of: EA

Like I said in my review of the game. I have enjoyed Madden on current-gen consoles since Madden 17. That’s three years of me buying the game. Normally people would think I’m insane for this. But someone who loves football as much as I do (Ask my friends how much fantasy football research I do), Madden 20 is the perfect way to vent all of that love into the digital gridiron.

Madden 20 is just the perfect game for me to unwind with. Whether it’s because I’m mad that some “try-hard sweat” annihilated me in Black Ops 4 or that I’m coming home after work. Madden 20 can be as difficult or as easy as you want. Just mess around with the sliders. I’ve been really getting into the “Superstar” mode where you take control of a player through their first years in the NFL. But the bread and butter for me is franchise mode.

Franchise mode in Madden allows me to live out my dreams of proving NFL GM’s that they do their job wrong. My one complaint about franchise mode is that the game hasn’t updated it a whole lot since the ’17 iteration. But that’s something for another year of Madden. The last game for this period is one that released earlier that I stumbled upon.