Aqua Lungers or as it’s called in my household Aqua Blunders. Has transitioned from Steam on PC to Nintendo Switch and it is NOT a treasure to behold.

Let’s Take A Deep Dive

Starting off the tutorial is non-existent! Just a simple how-to advance, that’s putting the cart before the horse. You don’t learn about your charged attack until you’ve already completed four levels but you can stumble upon it by accident. There’s no explanation on the power-ups. You really are taking a dive into this game without proper equipment.

Luckily you don’t have to hold your breath while diving but the only idea of what you can do is showing how much treasure you can hold. You are apparently invincible unless you go near the boss who can one-hit kill your character. So if you are a Dark Souls sadist then you’ll have fun getting your scuba handed to ya.

The balance in this game is not there at all. Speaking of balance, God forbid if your character stands on the slightest of inclines. You’ll be calling Nintendo to check for drift again. Because you can’t stand still on an incline.

Is There Any Treasure In This Game?

To some degree yes because it’s your objective. But after finally playing multiplayer we’ve found a hidden gem. The enjoyable chaos ramps up based on the extra players.

So is this console port worth $14.99? In this reviewer’s opinion nope. I’d say maybe $9.99 for the 21 unbalanced levels.

Score: 2 Out Of 5 Hashtags

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