That Hashtag Show has received pages from the upcoming season of Batwoman. According to our inside source, we have six pages from the season that show what the CW’s plans are for the season. These pages include details about who Ryan Wilder is, and where she gets the mantle of Batwoman. Sadly, they also confirm Kate Kane’s fate on the show.

Spoiler Alert For Fans Of Batwoman Ahead

Ruby Rose shocked the world when she announced that she would be stepping down as Batwoman earlier this year. Ryan Wilder, a new character is said to be replacing the female Caped Crusader. In the upcoming pages it’s hinted at what happened to Kate Kane.

The Pages From The Script

Mary: Hi. Excuse me? Hello?

Ryan: Me?

Mary: Yes, you, the literal only person in this parking lot. You have something that belongs to us.

Ryan: Uh, okay. I don’t have a lot but you should probably be specific.

Luke: Batwoman’s suit.

So they know she has it. Sh*t.

Mary: And save whatever story you’re about to make up. It’s basically a computer. We traced its GPS here, where you’re the only one around Miss…?

Ryan: Ms. Wilder. Ryan. And who do I have the pleasure of being interrogated by?

Luke: Just give us the suit.

Ryan: I don’t even know you are —

Mary: The Bat Team.

Ryan: There’s an actual team?

Luke: Look, the suit’s meant for someone specific. Someone worthy of wearing it. No offense, you’re not that person.

Ryan: You mean I’m not Kate Kane… Yeah I know. I saw everything go down. Put two-and-two together. Sorry for…everything.

Luke: Kate was our friend, okay? We’re not about to let someone undo all the good she’s done for this city by rewriting her legacy —

Ryan: I don’t want to rewrite it. I want to finish it.

Mary: It’s finished. The story’s over.

Ryan: Mine’s not. And neither is Jonathan Crane’s.

Mary: What?

Ryan: Jonathan Crane killed my mom. And he’s out there somewhere getting away with it like her life didn’t matter.

Ryan Wilder’s introduction on Batwoman

Ryan Wilder’s Moment

This all but confirms that Kate Kane is either incapacitated or has died. While that’s a sad effect of Ruby Rose’s exit from the show, it’s a necessary one for the motivation of this new character, Ryan Wilder.

This means that Ryan Wilder is the one that takes up the mantle, the suit is in her possession. She has the motivation against Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow. This changes everything about Batwoman, but it also gives us a new look into the heroine for the CW‘s Batwoman.

What do you think of this choice for the character and how Kate Kane is going out? I’m sure we’ll be seeing more details about it when the show airs, but for now, this is what we have to work with.

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