The Deadly Class show starts on Wednesday the 16th on SYFY Channel.  I wanted to take a look at the story and characters to get ready for the show.

Marcus Lopez is a 14 year-old homeless teen, but he is asked to join a highly exclusive and specialized school in Deadly Class Vol. 1.

The year is 1987 and Lopez doesn’t have a lot to look forward to.  He is homeless, his parents died when he was young, a boy’s home didn’t work out and neither did school.  However, when Lopez is tipped off that police were coming for him he started running with the help of some teens.

After the teens help Lopez escape from the police they bring him to a secret location.  An old Asian man walks out and makes Lopez an offer. He can continue his life living on the streets and fighting to barely survive or he can join a exclusive school for assassins.  Lopez doesn’t have a lot to live for so he decides to accept after fellow student Saya convinces him.

Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts is a high school which trains the world’s greatest assassins and Lopez is fresh meat for second, third or maybe even fourth generation assassins.  Lopez doesn’t have the legacy his fellow students have so he must find his clique soon to stay safe, but Lopez isn’t much of a joiner.

High school can be hard enough, but at this high school students take classes on how to kill so an “accidental” poisoning is a real possibility.

Deadly Class Vol. 1 was written by Rick Remender with art by Wesley Craig and Lee Loughridge.  Image Comics published the volume in 2014.

I read the first issue of this when it first came out and thought it was alright. However, it didn’t really grab me in any real way. I decided to give it another shot and oh boy am I glad I did.  This comic was excellent and I can’t wait to read more.

Lopez being lost in this new school was really relatable to how every teenager feels in those years.  Trying to decide not necessarily who they are, but who they want the world to see them as. Also Lopez doesn’t know what his future will bring or how to make his dreams a reality.  I found this stuff super relatable.

The actual schooling stuff was pretty sparse, but the social interactions was a lot more interesting.  I do want to see actual assassination missions and we kind of get one but it isn’t exactly what I wanted.  I am not sure if this comic will be more social interactions or more assassinations in future volumes, but I will be happy for either one.

In the last two issues Lopez is high as balls when he took a mega dose of acid in Las Vegas.  It is the greatest thing I’ve read in a comic in a while. Lopez is being hunted and is fighting for his life while tripping hard.  At one scene he wants to tell his dead parents he is sorry for killing himself and being a F up. It was pretty heartbreaking, but added a lot of depth and vulnerability to Lopez.

This was an amazing comic with a lot of action, fun and touching moments.  I really recommend this comic to any comic fans and especially those who are fans of the show.  It was really hard to put this comic down and I think it will be that way for other comic fans.



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