Power Rangers Issue 50 cover

The official preview for Boom Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 50th Issue has arrived!

The Power Rangers Story So Far

Here’s a quick recap of the events leading up to the 50th issue:

Necessary Evil takes place right after Shatter the Grid, and during the second season of MMPR. Tommy is the White Ranger and Rocky, Adam, and Aisha have joined the team. Lord Zed decides to hire a skilled bounty hunter named Dyne to take down the Rangers.

Dayne shows his skill and power against the Rangers

At the same time,we learn that Jason, Zack, and Trini have not gone to a peace conference. They have become new Rangers called the Omega Rangers. Their mission is to find and subdue individuals who have unwillingly tapped into the uncontrollable power of the Morphin Grid. One of these individuals, known as Kiya, joins as the Omega Rangers Blue Ranger.

The Omega Rangers

When tryen defeats the Rangers, they send out a call for help. Who answers? The Omega Rangers, of course. However, when Kiya sees Tommy she mistakes him for Lord Draken. Fearing that Tommy will someday become Lord Drakon she betrays the Omega Rangers, teams up with Dryne, and frees the prisoners to use as an army.

Kiya redefines what protecting the universe means


The preview of the 50th issue is short, starting by showing an unknown individual flying across space while monologuing. It then cuts to the Rangers fighting Dyne while the Omega Rangers fight Kyne.
Aishia notices then the Omega Rangers are in trouble. Reluctantly Tommy leaves his team to fight Dyne while he summons the Tiger Zord to help the others.

Power Rangers Landmark Issues

As a landmark 50th issue it is almost expected to see something big happen. However, Boom’s Power Rangers is in an interesting position. Often times comic revivals of old franchises will treat itself like it’s own universe. This gives the comic freedom to do what it wants. Boom’s comic, however, sets itself purely in the in-between of the shows canon story, somewhat limiting what the comic can do. However, this has not stopped the comic from already creating some truly groundbreaking story lines, memorable characters, and epic moments.

While Necessary Evil is not as huge a story as Shatter the Grid, it is giving fans something they have wanted for a long time: interaction between the original Rangers after Jason, Zack, and Trini’s sudden departure.

Drama? In Power Rangers? What is this madness?

Necessary Evil is a much more character-driven story then Shatter the Grid. Expanding and giving closure to characters who were tossed aside due to behind the scenes problems.