Power Rangers assemble!

It’s looking like the next wave of Lightning Collection figures have been revealed. And they’re some pretty sweet ones.

Power Ranger Talk on Twitter got a hold of some Lightning Collection listing from Wal-Mart. ,Below you’ll find some interesting listings:

Lightning Collection: Next Waves

Now, in case you don’t understand the codenames for the listings, the Wave 3 Lightning Collection figures are:

  • Lord Drakkon
  • Beast Morphers Blue
  • Dino Charge Gold
  • Mighty Morphin Red
Power Rangers Lightning Collection

This is a pretty amazing list of Lightning Collection figures. We are finally getting our first comic book figure. And we are getting closer to the Beast Morphers team being complete. This is exciting because fans have been clamoring for the release of these Power Rangers figures for ages.

Waves 4 And 5 Revealed?

It’s also looking like Power Ranger Talk posted to their Facebook with the possible Wal-Mart listings for Waves 4 and 5.


So the possible figures for Wave 4 include:

  • MMPR Yellow
  • SPD Red
  • Beast Morphers Blaze
  • Zeo Blue
  • MMPR Goldar

As for Wave 5, those figures include:

  • Ranger Slayer
  • MMPR Blue
  • Time Force Red

There is no current release date for any of these Lightning Collection figures. But it is interesting that the listings for Waves 4and 5 are already online, and those figures haven’t been announced yet.

When more news and images are released, you’ll be sure to find it here on That Hashtag Show. Your place for all the Power Rangers news that you could ever want.