AEW is making moves to improve their content development by adding industry veteran Jennifer Pepperman. Pepperman is not only a vet of the TV sphere, but she’s also worked for WWE since 2017. She’s also been a prolific director and executive producer of renowned soap operas including As the World TurnsOne Life to Live and After Forever.  Pepperman has won three Daytime Emmys for Best Directing across her career, bringing decades of experience in production and directing to AEW.

Pepperman will work alongside CEO and Head of Creative Tony Khan in the development of content for “AEW: Dynamite,” live on TBS every Wednesday, “AEW: Rampage” on TNT every Friday and “AEW: Collision,” live on TNT every Saturday.

“Adding Jennifer Pepperman’s brilliant mind to the AEW team opens the door for exciting new ideas and will help us build upon the incredible stories currently developing on the road to AEW Revolution across our three weekly shows on TBS and TNT, and the effects of Jennifer’s arrival in AEW will be felt for many years in the future,” said Khan.  “We’re thrilled to welcome her today, and I look forward to her creativity and collaboration with our team across the board in what will be AEW’s biggest year yet, and beyond.”

The move marks a huge change for the company that has seen huge growth since they started and also turmoil and growing pains. We’ll have to see how Jennifer Pepperman adds to the overall AEW product.

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