With a new pin!

That’s right, Lineage Studios, who has been making gorgeous Power Ranger pins, is at it again. This time the studio is planning a new one, this time based on our current season airing now!

Recently our their Instagram they announced that the new pin is

COMING SOON from Lineage Studios

lineage studios

What’s nice about this current season is that Hasbro isn’t just passing over logos or symbols like Power Rangers Turbo did when it adapted the series. Instead, they are incorporating the Go-Busters paraphernalia into the core of the show.

Likely the Lineage Studios pin will follow suit with their already released being 21 millimeters tall made from a die-cast zinc alloy and come with a comfy rubberized backer.

Ranger Style

As we have previously reported LIneage Studios has made other Pins in the past. Are you a pin collector or do you collect just Power Rangers? or BOTH?

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