Episode 8 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers is premiering this weekend, and we are getting the introduction to an all-new Ranger.

Now, we knew when the last of the cast announcements were announced, we were going to be getting a Gold and Silver Ranger. But we just didn’t know who would be playing the Gold Ranger. There was early speculation that Colby Strong would be playing the Gold Ranger, but that was debunked.

Thanks to io9, we now know who the Gold Ranger is.


So, Nate, who is played by Abraham Rodriguez, is going to be the Gold Ranger. He was speculated to be the back last year, because of an on-set photo that was leaked. But we also have an HD picture of Nate in his Gold Ranger costume.

Abraham Rodriguez as the Gold Power Ranger in Power Rangers Beast Morphers
Abraham Rodriguez appears as Nate, the Gold Power Ranger in Nickelodeons Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Abraham did speak to io9, and had mentioned that, “The same day I found out that I booked the role of Nate, our phenomenal executive producer, Chip Lynn, called me from New Zealand and told me my character would become the Gold Ranger in the eighth episode.”

So this trend of revealing the extra Rangers in the 8th episode seems to be continuing, but the character who was chosen to be the Gold Ranger was probably the best pick for that character.

Power Rangers NOW also had a image of Nate’s Beast Bot.

The Sliver Ranger’s name is Steel, and he is going to be a half human, half robot character. For Sentai fans who have watched Go Busters, he looks like he will be almost similar/ almost identical to his Sentai counterpart, Beet J. Stag.

The new episode airs Saturday, April 27th, and I can’t wait to see Nate as the Gold Ranger.

POWER RANGERS BEAST MORPHERS: Gold Ranger Identity Revealed!