Power Rangers Beast Morphers is in midst of filming for next season, and so many things have been leaked. Images from the set, the morph call, and the latest leak shows off who the Gold Ranger is going to be next season.

We heard a few months ago about the rest of the cast, but we didn’t know who would be a Ranger or not. And from the looks of a picture that was posted on Twitter, we have at least one more confirmed Ranger. Twitter user theyispetty posted this image:


From the definite looks of it, Abraham Rodriguez’s character, Nate, is going to be the Gold Ranger next season.

Now, that hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet by Hasbro, but it definitely looks like he will be the Gold Ranger. Also seen in the picture, it looks like the Silver Ranger is going to be a robot/non-human android, and the suit looks like the same suit used in the Sentai counterpart.

While we now know the identity of the Gold Ranger, it is still unknown the name of the Silver Ranger. But as a lot of stuff from the set has been leaked, it shouldn’t be too long before the Silver Ranger’s identity is revealed.