Wolverine hasn’t been seen in the MCU or film since Logan.

In a Reddit AMA, Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of: Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War went through a variety of questions from fans. A fan asked if there would be a director’s cut of Endgame. The Russo Brothers even got a question about which scenes were the hardest to film for them.

While the answer was yes. They were asked by a fan about a certain feral X-Men character. The question was ” Which superhero’s movie that is not currently in the mcu would you guys most want to direct in the future?”.

The Russo Brother’s responded simply: “We’ve always loved us some Wolverine”.

Now this is a simple phrase on a fun little AMA from Reddit and a lot of people are going to blow this out of proportion (including our title of this piece). This could be a throwaway comment just letting the world know that the Russo’s love Wolverine just as much as all of us Marvel fans do. But the time is going to come for when he’s going to make his MCU debut. I’m sure that Marvel will come knocking to the Russo’s door for him.

Other Bits and Bobs from the Russo Brothers

They were asked about other things besides prospective Wolverine films or director’s cuts. They gave the answer to whether Thor was more powerful in Avengers: Endgame, which was an emphatic yes. Hulk was always supposed to be responsible for the second Thanos-reversing “snap”. The biggest bombshell came about if the Disney/Fox merger had happened earlier. There would definitely have been double the amount of heroes for Endgame.

Joe and Anthony Russo can do whatever they want from here on out, they can go retire off the victory that is Avengers: Endgame, but I don’t think they’ll be doing that anytime soon. They’re two passionate guys that love making films and they love hearing their fans talk about films. Here’s to hoping The Russo Brothers bring their film-making mastery to another MCU film soon.

You can check out the full 4K comment Reddit AMA here.

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