Now that Disney owns Fox, the one good thing is the X-Men and Fantastic Four are now owned under Marvel Studios and with that, Kevin Feige will probably recast all of those characters.

Why That Would Be Good

The major reason that the X-Men, in particular, should be recast. The original actors have been these characters for 10 years. That said, Dark Phoenix didn’t do as well as Fox hoped for. Once it released, it made less than what experts were predicting.

Because of that poor performance, it started getting pulled from movie theaters. For the final Fox X-Men film, that wasn’t a good way to end those films.

With Marvel now owning X-Men and Fantastic Four, the characters can have better stories.

Who Should Play Storm In The MCU?

There’s now going to be a lot of discussions about who should play these characters. Many websites and even fans will be doing their own fan castings for Fantastic Four and X-Men.

There is one actress, however, who wants to play Storm in the MCU reboot of X-Men.

Yetide Badaki, who has been on NBC’s This Is Us, and is currently starring in Starz’s American Gods has taken to Twitter with this tweet and the caption:

I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone but as a dark skinned woman of African Origin, I’d love to play #Storm @Kevfeige #ryancoogler @MarvelStudios @Marvel @DisneyStudios @WaltDisneyCo @ryanestrada #ShootYourShot

Now, this would be amazing if she ends up being the MCU’s Storm. She’s amazing in American Gods, and this would be the ideal superhero role for her. Not to mention, she looks almost exactly like Storm.

Hopefully, Marvel will consider her for the role, because is my immediate first choice for Storm.

Source: Comic Book Movie