Wow is the first thing that came to mind when I saw the trailer at NYCC 2021! Of course, this 99-minute film will keep you visually glued to your screen with the new, all CGI animation. But, more importantly, the story completes Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Final Trailer Courtesy of Crunchyroll

It’s Not All About Goku!

First and most importantly, if you haven’t been able to tell Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero after all these years is focused on Gohan! Yes, we will see Goku and Vegeta, but for me, this turn to Gohan is where the franchise should have gone 20 years ago.

Gohan is just getting started.

Callbacks A Plenty!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has several tangents, some that fit and some that miss the mark but are for fan service. Seeing Dende, Korin and the unforgettable Yajirobi gives the long-time fans of the series the feeling that they didn’t forget about where they came from and thank you for staying with the franchise.

Not only does this harken back to old characters, but at the heart is the connection between the adoptive father/sensei and adopted son. What pushes them to their new states is almost a mirror of the original Cell Saga in a new light.

Gohan going SUPER SAIYAN….. there is more

It’s Also About Legacy

Seeing how the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is about Goku’s progeny, it makes sense that the villains are the offspring of past villains—making a big full circle. With Dr. Hedo. the Grandson of Dr. Gero, the creator of the Androids and Cell. Dr. Hedo creates his own two beings: Gamma 1 and 2. All under the watchful eye of Magenta, the son of Commander Red.

Dr. Hedo and Magenta

Even the little ones, Trunks and Goten, get their Gotenks on, but a smart and funny choice on the writer’s part, they botch their fusion, so it falls on Gohan to save the day.

So It’s An Old Arc In NEW WRAPPING?

Not at all! As I said, it’s a natural progression for the characters. Gohan finally gets the spotlight and shares it with Piccolo. There is a bit of backstory setup. But if you are not familiar with it or it’s been for some of us 20 years, it puts you back in the mindset, ready to see what happens next.

The “New” in the movie was the all CGI animation style. Again, as an old-school watcher, it was cool to see the sharp edges and crisp designs on top of the stunning lighting effects. But on the other side of that CGI-coin, it was a bit distracting that I felt that I was watching a memorable move cut scene from DBZ Boudikai 1,2 or 3.

At the end of the day, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a must-see if you are a fan! It won’t matter if you are old or new to the franchise, this film has something for everyone! Legacy, Heart, and did I mention the fight scenes?! NO?! Of course, there are amazing fight scenes because it’s a DRAGON BALL MOVIE!

So are you excited about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Make sure to see it on August 18th in select theaters nationwide, then come back and tell us about it in the comments below!

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