Breaking records in the comic book industry isn’t an easy task to achieve. Writers stop writing, creators sell characters, and artists lend their skills to multiple titles. Longevity is, unfortunately, seemingly a thing of the past when it comes to comics these days. That is… unless you’re talking about Todd McFarlane.

The legendary comic book writer and artist initially rose to fame with his work on the Amazing Spider-Man. Twenty-seven years ago, however, he created Spawn, and the Image Comics character immediately took the comics world by storm. The Spawn series is now about to tie, and break, the record for the longest running, creator-owned comic book in history. Todd McFarlane recently took some time to speak with That Hashtag Show about that feat, and his other projects, at Comic-Con International this past weekend.

Todd McFarlane to tie, break record with Spawn Issues #300 and #301

Todd McFarlane
Cover artwork for Spawn Issue #300. (Image: Image Comics/McFarlane/Capullo)

When asked how breaking the record made him feel, Todd McFarlane beamed with pride. “To me 301 is really, emotionally more important to me, because that’s the record-setter.” Issue #300 will be a cliffhanger leading into the record-breaking Issue #301.  “Spawn 300 will be number 1 in the country. Twenty-seven years after Spawn 1 was number 1, twenty-seven years later you can still climb to the top of the mountain.” One thing that’s sure to excite fans is the fact that Todd McFarlane himself will return to his roots and draw portions of both Issues #300 and #301.

As incredible as that is, Spawn isn’t the only thing on McFarlane’s considerably sized plate. He’s also designed the DC Collectibles Batman Black and White #100, using his famed Batman Issue # 423 as a base. Add to that the DC Multiverse Collector Action Figures (which Todd designed) coming in 2020, and a new Spawn film, and McFarlane fans have a lot to look forward to.

Todd McFarlane
Image: DC Collectibles

With such an exceptional career behind him already, and so much more upcoming, we asked if Todd McFarlane had any regrets:

Regret? I don’t live in those sort of worlds… I’m always forward looking. I don’t worry about what I didn’t do, I worry about what I can do tomorrow.”

Look for the record-breaking Spawn Issue #301 in October. For more information on everything Todd McFarlane has in the works, visit