San Diego Comic-Con is over and Power Rangers isn’t done surprising fans. Early last month we broke the story that the Beast Morpher Rangers would be crossing over with the RPM Rangers and now it looks like another RPM alum is joining the cast.

Actor James Gaylyn who played Scott Truman’s father, Colonel Mason Truman, in Power Rangers RPM will be reprising his role in the Beast Morphers for the crossover. In Power Rangers RPM Colonel Truman worked closely with Doctor K to keep Corinth City safe and help create Project Go-Onger. The only actor we could confirm for crossover was Olivia Tennet, who will reprise her role as Doctor K.

This won’t be James Gaylyn’s first return to the Power Rangers universe. He also portrayed Shelby’s dad in Power Rangers Dino Charge. Keep it right here at That Hashtag Show when more information drops on the Beast Morphers / RPM crossover.

Photo Credit: The Power Scoop