If you are a fan of the Marvel Comics Scarlet Witch series you already know that Wanda Maximoff has already faced some fierce foes that include The Corrupter, Dreamqueen, and more. Well, today Marvel revealed that a new villain is on the hunt to slay the Scarlet Witch. The name of this villain is Nicola Zosimos “Hexfinder”. This story will take place in Scarlet Witch #7 and will hot local comic shops on August 2, 2023. You can get your first look at the Hexfinder and official of this story below.

Scarlet Witch
SCARLET WITCH #7 – Cover by RUSSELL DAUTERMAN. Photo: Marvel Comics


This August, a witch hunt begins! Wanda Maximoff is currently using her chaos magic to help the people who need her most in the pages of writer Steve Orlando and artist Sara Pichelli’s hit ongoing SCARLET WITCH series. Along the way, she’s battled against the likes of The Corrupter, Dreamqueen, Scythia, and more, but her jaw dropping mystical feats have drawn the attention of a deadly new foe… Introducing NICOLA ZOSIMOS, A.K.A. HEXFINDER!

A powerful alchemist from a long line of witch hunters, Hexfinder will begin her mission to snuff out Wanda’s magic for good in August’s SCARLET WITCH #7. Also featuring artwork by Lorenzo Tammetta, SCARLET WITCH #7 will kick Orlando and Pichelli’s critically-acclaimed run into high gear as Wanda finds herself faced with a new archenemy who’s every bit her match!

Scarlet Witch
Design Variant Cover by SARA PICHELLI. Photo: Marvel Comics

JOURNEY INTO OZ! Wanda swore to help anyone who walked through her door…but what happens when that person is a villain? When Nelson Gruber, A.K.A. Bookworm, comes through the Last Door seeking aid to kill wicked witches in a corner of Oklahoma that’s been transformed into the Emerald City, Wanda must choose between honoring her covenant and going against her own principles. Her daring actions in “Oz” will cause HEXFINDER to finally make her presence known and put her deadly plan for Wanda into motion… 

“Piece by piece, we’ve been laying new track in SCARLET WITCH. New faces, new places and challenges, and of course–new villains! HEXFINDER is about to hit Wanda Maximoff’s life hard–and from every angle,” Orlando teased. “Nicola Zosimos has a vendetta against witches and witchcraft that rivals Gorr the Godbutcher’s hatred for gods. Now that Wanda’s the most powerful and prominent she’s been in years, Hexfinder’s no longer content to let her destroy herself. She’s taking the initiative to strike–and thanks to her alchemical Philosopher’s Staff, no witch is safe. Not even the Scarlet Witch!”

Scarlet Witch
Variant Cover by MEGHAN HETRICK. Photo: Marvel Comics

Fans can see Hexfinder now looming large on superstar artist Russell Dauterman’s topsy-turvy main cover, standing over Wanda in victory on Meghan Hetrick’s variant cover, and in Sara Pichelli’s original design sheet, which will also serve as a variant cover! Check them out now and pick up SCARLET WITCH #7 on August 2! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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Source: Marvel Comics