As soon as the synopsis for Power Rangers Beast Morphers came out and we knew Evox was involved, fans clamored to have the Beast Morpher Rangers team-up with the RPM Rangers. At the very least, fans desired to have some ties to RPM. Now, it looks like we’ll be getting our wish… sort of.

Who Will Be Returning From Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers Beast Morphers isn’t just under new ownership with Hasbro. It feels like a new era for the brand. We know that the original Red Ranger, Jason, played by Austin St. John will be returning next season in a crossover with the Dino Thunder and Dino Charge Rangers. Before we get our hopes up with the RPM team, however, we have toexamine what we know. While we can’t confirm that the actual RPM Rangers will be in the episode, we do know that Doctor K will make an appearance next season by helping out the Beast Morpher Rangers defend the Morphin’ Grid from Evox.

How Doctor K Can Help

Power Rangers RPM Doctor K; Beast Morphers

There isn’t much information to be had about the plot of the episode. Notwithstanding, we can confirm that Olivia Tennet, who portrayed Doctor K, will return for the episode. With Evox being a computer virus it certainly makes sense to have Doctor K help the new Rangers out. Doctor K has the experience of defeating the AI computer virus Venjix in her universe, so she’s the perfect person to help the Beast Morpher Rangers in their time of need.

Power Rangers RPM was one of the most popular seasons according to hardcore, longtime fans of the show. Even though this isn’t an anniversary season, it looks like Hasbro is coming out swinging by giving Ranger fans what they want. What do you guys think about Doctor K returning? Leave a message in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out the Ranger Wrap -Up, LIVE this coming Saturday as our team discusses the return of Doctor K.