Agents of SHIELD, Marvel’s most successful television property to date, will end after it’s seventh season. It debuted in 2013, and has been a mainstay of ABC since then. A show that was basically made from the #CoulsonLives movement after the events of Avengers film, will end being the longest running Marvel television program.

This has been such an incredible journey because, when I stepped on this stage with the cast of The Avengers in 2010. Not long after that, I was dead. And this really nice guy I had met up in the green room named Whedon said, ‘You’re maybe not so dead’… In addition to these people on stage and Mr. Loeb and the incredible writers who found a way to something with what they were allowed to have within the Marvel Universe, I am in awe. I am very moved about the end of this journey.

Clark Gregg, during the Agents of SHIELD panel in Hall H
Cast and Crew of Agents of SHIELD

We’ve seen the shocker to close out season one with Agent Grant Ward, an alternate universe where HYDRA rules, and the death of Agent Coulson. For most diehard fans of the show, the announcement that it’s ended was the biggest shocker of them all. There’s still a season and a half to go, though. With the twists and turns of season six are still currently happening, and the ninth episode of the season ending on a very “WTF” type moment.

The audience in Hall H were also treated to a special look at the final episodes of season six.

The final episode will be filmed shortly after the conclusion of San Diego Comic Con, and the final table read happened this past Monday. The final season of Agents of SHIELD will air on ABC sometime next summer.