WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal had surgery to fix his ruptured patella tendon and will be out for 6 months.

Mahal just signed a new 5-year contract with WWE and it looks like that contract will have an extra few months added on.  He had just made a return to TV, but it looks like that momentum has made a sudden stop.  

In the wrestling business an injury is a constant worry and wrestling without any sort of nagging injury is uncommon.  A wrestler having a career in wrestling without having the setback of an injury is extremely rare. Mahal just has to do the rehab and stay strong and he can make his way back in no time.

WWE Jinder Mahal
Courtesy Of WWE

Mahal Injury, Recovery Process

The patella tendon is the kneecap.  It is a very serious injury, but it is not uncommon with athletes.  The kneecap is detached from the surrounding area. In the case of a complete tear the patient will not be able to walk on it or straighten their leg.  This injury is also not a career ending injury.

According to Orthoinfo the recovery time takes about six months on average.  However, in some patients the recovery may take an entire year before they fully recover and reach their goals.  Mahal is in very good health so six months is a very reasonable time frame for his return.

WWE has access to the best of the best surgeons in the world.  The recovery time for WWE wrestlers is almost always toward the shorter end of recovery times.  However, every injury is different and pre-existing injuries can complicate things as well.

His Injury Could Cause WWE To Shuffle Some Storylines

Hopefully this is not the start of another injury fest like we had a few years ago.  Mahal’s absence will not have a major effect on the WWE product. However, who knows if WWE had major plans for him in the near future.  They could be scrambling to rewrite storylines and to fill his spot. However, I really doubt it.



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