G4 has announced they have teamed up with Wizards Of The Coast for this year’s D&D Live 2021 live-streaming event.

G4′s VP of Programming and Creative Strategy Brian Terwilliger said that:

D&D Live 2021 is going to be an innovative event with new forms of interactivity for a live streaming audience and the perfect D&D introduction for new audiences. We’re thrilled to partner with Wizards of the Coast to give fans adventure, comedy, and an incredibly entertaining journey into the theater of the mind.

Now this team-up is awesome because with D&D Live 2021 happening digitally this year on both July 16th and 17th, so it makes sense to have G4 streams both days.

And not only that, when the actual G4 tv network launches later this year, D&D Live will also be a 4-part mini-series airing on the network.

Nathan Stewart, The Head Of Franchise at Wizards said:

D&D Live has been such an exciting event for both fans and Wizards, and it’s amazing how it has grown each year. In 2021, we are expanding D&D Live’s impact by partnering with G4. With G4 joining our party, we aim to bring even more fans to Dungeons & Dragons by showcasing friends adventuring together.

G4’s head of content also said:

As we continue to interact with our audience leading up to the launch of the network, one of the most resounding requests was for tabletop gaming content. This partnership reinforces our focus on authentic gaming content that will entertain existing D&D fans and those new to the world of tabletop as well.

Now, this is exciting. because for fans of both G4 and D&D, this is the perfect partnership.

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