With our rangers stranded on the Promethea, losing their powers how will they save the de-powered rangers?

Enter the Solar Ranger

Explaining that the Solarix wasn’t supposed to be used by just one person, smashes it into pieces that are picked up by our rangers and used to turn into probably the BEST RANGER SUITS EVER! Take a look at the concept art from Simone Di Meo below as we break down the original ranger designs vs their new solar counterparts. The list will be done in order of when the Promethea characters appeared in the tv and comic series.

Promethea Rangers: Tanya

Starting off with the most senior ranger in the group, Tanya’s Solar Ranger design still has the 2 part visor but now with a more dynamic design akin to her new Purple partner. Sporting a new stylized “skirt” and accessorizing with her brand new BLADED nunchucks as well!


Smartly De Meo decided early on to keep some aspects of the original helmets intact like Andros’ visor and “window.” Weather it will light up who knows but I think it would be cool! His iconic Spiral Saber has been upgraded to putting the spirals now on the guard. My Favorite part of this new design is the fact that the 5 blocks on his chest are still there just in a diagonal position as opposed to across his chest. WELL DONE INDEED!

Promethea Rangers: Mike

The Magna Defender has all the parts that we have all come to love! The cape, the horns, and the big ass shoulders. Now they are slimmed down into a sleek smooth design. The Magna Blaster got a huge upgrade from a transforming gun/sword to a legit GUNSWORD! Don’t forget the hexagon knee pads too.


The FIRST Samurai Ranger keep the shape of his weighted down armor and the oblong shape of his helmet, I seriously doubt that he will have access to his Super Samurai Mode since there is no defined ridge to spin the helmet. The Samurai Saber now without a sheath has a smaller blade and no buttons or microphone on the pommel.

Promethea Rangers: Heckyl

The first comic exclusive ranger though appearing in the show has morphed like Mike into a less bulky version of his original form. Keeping the fins, red arms, and his toothy visor, this is probably the most drastic design change from the original IMHO.

Kimberly the Ranger Slayer

This fantastic spin on Kimberly from Shattered grid has dropped the slayer from her name and has become once again a full-fledged pink ranger. You can see the points on her helmet from her last version but instead of using the wings as tips Di Meo chose to elongate the visor out. Kimberly still has the pauldron on her shoulder but gone is the tattered cape, instead, a new half cape is in its place.

What do you think of these new designs? Do you think they could have used something more or do you think they need something less? Let us know in the comments below!

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