Jon Moxley AEW

Jon Moxley, formerly Dean Ambrose, made his AEW debut at Double or Nothing Saturday night.

Following the main event of Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho, Moxley made his way through the fans and jumped the barricade.  Moxley entered the ring and hit Jericho with a double underhook DDT [Dirty Deeds]. However, he didn’t stop there and he hit Omega with it and the referee.  Omega and Moxley fought back and forth all over and ended with Moxley delivering a fireman’s carry side slam off a bunch of poker chips.

It appears this may set up a feud with Omega, but I’m sure Jericho will also want some payback.  Moxley looked like a monster destroying the two main event wrestlers. The attack could be a way to make Moxley look strong and place him in a top guy spot.

Moxley’s New Home At AEW

Moxley left his eight career at WWE behind with much fanfare.  It was not immediately known what would be next for Moxley. When asked if he would continue to wrestle Moxley was tight lipped.  However, on April 30 he released a promo video reverting back to his Jon Moxley persona. This was the first sign he would continue to wrestle.  However, it was not clear where he would end up until Double or Nothing.

This Is Why The Attitude Era Was So Great

When people talk about the Attitude era of WWE and the Monday Night Wars with such fondness this is why it was so great.  A popular and well known wrestler would quit, get fired or lose a pink slip match and then show up on the reveal’s show. This sort of thing would happen every few months with big name guys to lesser known guys.  However, it was always exciting and made it a necessity to watch WWE and WCW.

AEW is still very new and are gathering up wrestlers to fill out their roster.  This means this sort of stuff will happen a lot in the next few months. However, so far these signings have been announced via Twitter and it is a lot less impactful.  My hope is AEW has a lot more of these sort of reveals. All everyone will be talking about for the next week is Moxley’s run-in.

AEW Needs To Keep These Big Names Coming Over

My advice is keep signings very secretive and don’t let it leak out to the press because we all want to be the first to break the news.  They need reveals like this to bring fans over from WWE and ex-wrestling fans back to wrestling and watch AEW.

This is a very exciting time to be a wrestling fan.  I very much look forward to seeing who else will join AEW and make surprise entrances.  Once Luke Harper’s contract with WWE ends it is almost a guarantee he will sign with AEW.  

However, who I want to see sign with AEW the most is The Revival.  They are in an awful feud with The Usos and made to look like uter jokes.  However, in NXT The Revival were a badass tag team who put on amazing matches.  They and the Young Bucks were already setting up a feud last year on Twitter. The Young Bucks vs The Revival is a no brainer to me.

Who do you want to see AEW sign?  Do you think AEW can get anyone to come out of retirement to wrestle for them?

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