We’re getting plenty of expansion of the John Wick universe with the upcoming spinoff Ballerina and the TV series The Continental. However, Lionsgate isn’t done there, they’ve announced that John Wick 5 is in development alongside a John Wick video game.

According to the latest Lionsgate earnings call, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group President Joe Drake confirmed the news about a fifth film in the franchise. He was also quoted as saying that the studio is looking to expand beyond film, including “in the AAA video game space” with “regular cadence of spin-offs and TV.”

“What is official is that, as you know, Ballerina is the first spinoff that comes out next year. We’re in development on three others, including [John Wick 5] and including television series, “The Continental”, will be airing soon. And so, we’re building out the world and when that five movie comes, will be organic — will be organically grown out of how we’re starting to tell those stories. But you can rely on a regular cadence of John Wick.”

There’s been a couple of John Wick games in John Wick Chronicles in VR and the action strategy game John Wick Hex. Who knows, we might get a third-person action game starring Keanu Reeves.

John Wick 4 was the highest-grossing film in the franchise so-far, and garnered rave reviews. You can check out our 98% review of John Wick: Chapter 4 here.

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